Pa amb oli nacional
The legendary song by Ocults turns 30 and some thirty young people from the island make a confined version
“Pa amb oli nacional” is the song that gave its name to the second album by Ocults, released by Blau/Discmedi in 1990. With this work, the band from Manacor began to make the big leap and became one of the reference bands of Catalan rock of the time. Led by Toni Nicolau, the group practiced festive folk-rock with simple and direct lyrics that conveyed their message clearly. Of this disc they emphasized several songs: “Sa balanguera”, “Barco de rejilla”, “No en volem cap”… and of course, “Pa amb oli nacional”, a vindication of the culture - and the gastronomy - own in front Anglo-Saxon fast food impositions.

Three decades later, the song is still a landmark in the Islands. During the confinement, some thirty young Mallorcans led by Adrià Fiol have recovered the song. They have recorded a video, each from their own home, and the recording has gone viral and turned "Pa amb oli nacional" into the Mallorcan anthem of confinement.