Goodbye to experimental artist Víctor Nubla
Creator, with Juan Crek, of Macromassa, the musician left us earlier in the wee
Earlier this week we learned that Macromassa's clarinetist and co-founder, Victor Nubla, had traded. The musician published his latest work with the band, Sucede there, with DiscMedi in 2018.From DiscMedi and Blau we are sorry for the loss of this capital figure in the culture of Barcelona. A multidisciplinary artist, Nubla was a musician, theorist, essayist, experimentation activist, writer, ideologist, programmer, publisher and cultural shaker.

Nubla, born in Barcelona in 1956, was one of the most important figures in experimental music in the south of the Pyrenees. Founder, together with Juan Crek, of a leading group in industrial music such as Macromassa. From his activist point of view, he has been the programmer of initiatives such as Gràcia Territori Sonor, created in 1996 and which is still valid.

Rock, jazz, industrial music and minimalism have formed a revealing sound in the mind and in the work of this visionary creator who is always ready to make another surprise. In his musical research and exploration process he managed to extract really unusual sounds from the clarinet, without the need to blow or manipulate the instrument. Progressing in this vein, in 1995 he presented his first project MCO (Objective Composition Method), an idea that started eight years ago and is based on the construction of sounds from random and sampler. During the first years of the present millennium, Victor Nubla combined his solo work with those with the new Dedo training, which he shared with Io Casino.