Les Montses publish their new album
Enlaire is a journey. It is the metaphor we use to refer to a path, a process.
A path that is the search for an emotional state of inner peace. It is a vindication of the path that each one chooses to travel to find their own peace. A state that we continually seek, find and lose ourselves. And this is told to go in one direction: Enlaire.

Les Montses is a music group formed by Ferran Rosell (voice and guitar), Xavi Pujadas (voices and guitar), Xavier Esteve (bass), Joan Prat (keyboards) and Josep Bofill (drums). The mothers of the four are called Montserrat and that is why they are called «Les Montses». And it's not a joke. They do folk / rock and are from Sant Vicenç dels Horts (Baix Llobregat). It was created in 2015 under the name of Eivibonny and 2018 is the year of its record debut in Catalan with ‘Cor Valent’ (Krik Music). Their style is varied but above all it is folk with powerful rock touches, they drink from bands like Mumford & Sonidos.