25 years of Lax'n'Busto's sweet summer
In 1995, the band from Vendrell released
That same year, "Fes la teva" was TV3's summer song

Lax’n’Busto was one of the Catalan rock groups that marked the 90s with a collection of songs that had a strong popular impact. In 1995, just 25 years ago, they were living a sweet moment: they had just released the album La caixa que puja i baixa (DiscMedi, 1995), with a song that worked very well, “Tu ets la llum”, and they faced a summer full of concerts. Highlights from that album included "Johnny Melenes", "I Didn't Choose" or the rumba "Boy, Get Out".


That summer, TV3 chose "Fes la teva" as a song to promote the summer programming, a piece composed specifically by the Vendrell group and which only appeared on a simple CD (also edited by DiscMedi), where there was also two more versions of the same song (instrumental and reduced). The song also became a huge hit and the CD was even distributed through a chain of sandwich restaurants as a gift to their customers.