Joan Miquel Oliver Presents Aventures de la nota La
The musician presents a twelve-song record of 12 songs, accompanied by the pictorial universe of the plastic artist Albert Pinya
This new work by Joan Miquel Oliver with the painter Albert Pinya, is presented on CD and vinyl to optimize Piña's work as much as possible, illustrating the themes one by one. The composition is based on the principles of twelve-tone. For that reason alone, this album could be considered one of the most courageous experiments in the field of our pop music, but not only this, listening to the album reveals a very finished work that goes beyond the purely experimental.

Free, anarchic, chaotic, spontaneous. Much more important than all the others I've ever done. "An album of pure and hard composition". This is how Joan Miquel Oliver defines his latest album, Aventuras de la nota La, which can be heard on Spotify from October 16. In this new sound journey, consisting of 12 songs, the musician has dispensed with the voice and offers his followers an instrumental landscape without its characteristic lyrics: "In pop, the lyrics and the album's personality have much more presence. Music, sound, is the most important thing. I don't like to talk about styles. There is no note that I send. Music doesn't mean anything, but it awakens emotions, and I have tried to focus and explore this most emotional part from a very math, "Oliver told the presentation of the album to the Xocolat store last week. Moratón has been in charge of the edition