'Kitsch IV' this year marks a quarter of a century
The fourth studio album by the rock band Banyolí 25 years ago
25 years ago Kitsch IV (Discmedi, 1995) was released, an album that revolutionized the trajectory and music of the Banyoles trio formed by Lluís Costabella, Joan Peiró and Bep Greboleda. Kitsch made a commitment to this record with a louder sound, which moved away from pop rhythms, and a whole new structure of the songs and the way they were composed, which included a collaborative process. among the three at the time of creation, giving special importance to the drums and bass while consolidating the sound of the guitar.

Elapé Kitsch IV also emerged as one of the first conceptual albums in Catalan, going through eleven unpublished themes, duality and existentialism, with its usual dark, morbid and perverse touch. A disc made of rage with spiritual subjects, such as "Cycle", others purely sexual and obscene, such as "Self-Violation" or "Abuse", some with Espriuan inspiration, like "Warning" with the appearance of the blind orb and others directly fatalistic such as "fire off."