De vent i ales new disc from Txarango
The album will be released on June 19 under the distribution of Discmedi
Txarango's music and vindication have accompanied us for ten years. As a legacy they leave us their messages made song, and still a last farewell album that will add new repertoire. This fourth album will be released on June 19, under the name of De vent i ales, released by Halley Records and distributed by Discmedi.

The album, as Txarango was born ten years ago, is the result of a long journey, of the learnings taken with these years of travel and his visits and concerts around the world: from Varanasi (India) to Bosonaro's Brazil, passing by Caparan (Senegal). The title of Wind and Wings was chosen to unite these new farewell songs, "a light name that speaks of leaving everything we don't need on the ground and flying," the group explains.