The electronic “Riba” electrònica de Salvatge Cor
The Mallorcan quartet collaborates with Omega9 in their first ‘Remix’
From Mallorca comes the new single by Salvage Cor, a song that brings, with the help of Omega9, electronics to the verses of Llorenç Romera, vocalist and lyricist of the band. With this work the group revisits one of their most celebrated songs, "Riba". We had already heard the song in a more acoustic version on their latest album, Bruixes (Discmedi, 2019), an album that won the Enderrock Award for popular vote for best new album 2019.

Salvatge Cor makes Riba (Omega9 Remix) (Discmedi, 2020) one last turn in terms of style. Keeping their poetry sung with reverb touches, the work brings them to new electronic terrain that culminates in their journey through 'post-Bowie pop' - as the band's own style defined their debut album, Some People Come In. to your SOUL and it will never come out again (Discmedi, 2018) - and ‘dream pop’. The band has also advanced through social media that this ‘remix’ is the first of others to come, also as versions of Witches (Discmedi, 2019).