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Els millors professors europeus


Despite meeting at the beginning of their musical career, MANEL are no longer unknown totals on the Catalan scene. Since their appearance in the public light a year and a half ago when they won the Juventut Award at the Sona9 2007 scale model competition - these four people from Barcelona have been accumulating public and recognition, thanks to the network and word of mouth. Thus, in their brief career they have been selected at the Hipersons Festival 2007, they have obtained the AIE Award (New Musical Connections) as a result of their participation in the Music Fair on Calle de Vila-seca 2008, and they have performed on stages of prestige such as the concerts in the metro of the Primavera Sound 2008 Festival, the PerVersions of the Altaveu Festival of Sant Boi 2008 - invited by the Marc Parrot orchestra - and next December they will perform in the Nasti hall in Madrid and the Auditori del Fòrum de Barcelona within the framework of the Primavera Club 2008 Festival. "Els millors professors europeus" ("The best European teachers") is a collection of twelve songs in which MANEL has included the five pieces that were already part of his demo (Manel. Self-published . 2007). The universe of his proposal surprises both for the lyrics and for the way to arrange the melodies. Thus, the band builds songs that speak of foreign women with grandparents with long white mustaches, of teachers, of tie knots, or of ceramic shops where you may wish to change your life forever, without putting limits on the instrument palette, It includes both a wind section and a string quartet, including ukuleles, electronic bases, banjos and whistles. A MANEL, and his "Els millors professors europeus", rigor, joy, gravity, lightness, tradition and search fall within the same bag, and it is perhaps the reason why the influences that have been attributed to them are quite wide: Beirut, Jaume Sisa, Herman Düne, Pau Riba, Bob Dylan ...; MANEL are: Guillem Gisbert, Martí Maymó, Roger Padilla and Arnau Vallvé.