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La Banda Obrera del Poble


"Three metalsmiths of the author's song in catalan have got down to work. Rusó Sala, Enric Hernáez and VerdCel have created an album where the leading voice is the working class.
It describes the day to day of permanent abuse of the messengers, of the meat workers, of the migrated people. It speaks to us, from within, about women and the double abuse to which they are subjected.
Songs that claim the importance of organizing. To unionize. To manifest
Songs that remind us, with words and melody, that the labor movement has strength in the union.
That it must be articulated, stick together, from bottom to top. That way, drawing bridges, we will win spaces. That is how the tree of humanity will grow: from the seed of the common good, if we do not stop watering it.
The BOP also revives historical events such as 'The Oil Revolution' or 'La Huelga de La Canadiense'. To know where we come from. To rediscover direction in the face of the current landscape of job insecurity and misery. To recover class consciousness, disoriented by a society intoxicated with individualism and consumption. To take together this key that opens all locks.
A song that wants to be plural.
Song of author and author at the service of the proletariat, whose project wants to be a partner.
These have been difficult times, and finally the album and the live show will see the light.
As the master (Ovid Montllor) sang : ""Better, worse... The trial is yours!""."