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romperse sin arder


Associació Cultural OME (ASCO02 02)
Juan Crek and Andrés Noarde came into contact for the first time in 1988, after the release of Macromassa's albums "Espejo Rapidísimo Qinqen" and the compilation "Barcelona Ficción Romance". At that time Andrés Noarde is 16 years old and Juan Crek 32.
Between 2011 and 2017 Juan Crek and Andrés Noarde collaborate for the first time together on the Ome Acústic project, together with other artists from the Barcelona experimental scene. The group offers numerous live performances and they release the CD “Quietisme” in 2015, which includes two of their improvisation sessions.
In 2018 Andrés Noarde served as executive producer of what would be the last Macromassa album released before the disappearance of Víctor Nubla (1956-2020): “Macromassa Sucede Allí” (Discmedi 1399 01).
Two years later, Crek and Noarde decide to launch a joint work that opens on 02-02-2020 at 20:02 h. The composition process begins by sharing ideas and developing them remotely from the studios of Juan Crek in Barcelona and Andrés Noarde in Cabrera de Mar. Soon a period of confinement is imposed that will cause the continuation of this collaboration in conditions of distance between both and using only digital means of communication to conclude the album “romperse sin arder”.
The final stages of production and editing are also carried out without physical encounters. Thus "romperse sin arder" is a radically contemporary work that reflects the states of mind and situations experienced during an unprecedented era in which separation is imposed as a norm and determines the use of technology as a link, with all its consequences.
In July 2020, the OME Cultural Association publishes “crek noarde / romperse sin arder” whose distribution on physical CD and digital platforms is the responsibility of the company Discmedi-Blau.