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Sevillanas de oro


Like old wine, this record has a solera ... like old wine.
"Sevillanas de Oro", is the new work that Requiebros presents this year 2017 for the whole of 2018, and it is, we mean gold, for the solera of its sound, its lyrics, its melodies and the its particular timbre of voice, which takes us back to the 80s of the last century, moments in which the group Requiebros led the charts and sales throughout Spain.
With great songs like “El sabor de tus besos,” a wonderful love theme;
"Almonte espera impaciente", Sevillians who define the exit of their hermitage, Monday of Pentecost, of the Virgin of the Dew; "Un horizonte de oro", a song in the marshes of Doñana or "El abuelo Rociero", among others to which we must add the most famous salvi in ​​history: "Salve Ole, Olé ..." to end with the surprise of the album, the most famous song of this last year in the world, a version of "Despacito", to which Manuel Requiebros, doing duet with the promising Rocío Guerra, interprets it with a softness and the know-how which only the people of the south have and which is the icing on this wonderful record.
Like old wine, this record has a solera ... like old wine.