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We are pleased to announce that "El Langui" has been marked the Album of the Year.
By theme, by freshness and joy, by technique, by a great social, family commitment, by love, by the special and unique way that it has in counting its day to day, by the journey it takes to its childhood and past, by the used expressions and empathy that shows when narrating stories of the everyday, which are the reflection of the vast majority of citizens and that make Langui undoubtedly the closest artist.
To highlight the genius of the song that he has half with his son Hugo. A song divided into two parts:
The first one was recorded when his son was 3 and a half years old, and the other half of a song when Hugo was 6 years old.
A song, and conversation between the two full of winks, spontaneity and values, that make you instantly irresistibly excited and think about why Langui is not only a reference among the public, but also among artists of the profession and colleagues.
The album is entitled "Hello", since according to Langui, it is the word that he repeats most from the moment he leaves the house in the morning until he returns at night.
That word and greeting has led him to a more extended and deep reflection in this time ago, and that he will explain to us during the interviews of said Disco promotion.
After three discs recorded with his group La Excepción, "Hola" is Langui's first solo album.
One of the most anticipated albums in recent years in which the artist has had to combine the recording of said album between film shoots, series, book publications, concerts, his radio and television programs, and an endless number of projects that were even more anxious waiting for an audience so diverse that they need Langui's songs to make their day-to-day life more bearable with that exceptional musical thread that characterizes them.
"Hola" is made up of seventeen songs, with a musical journey winking at Rock, Funk, Flamenco, Twist, Reggae, thus making it a very fresh and light album for the ears.
"Hello" is also accompanied by collaborations: Andres Calamaro, La Excepción, Hate (Violadores del Verso), Swan Fyahbwoy, Gordo Master, Capaz ..., who make this greeting a unique performance on, as we said at the beginning, the album of the year, and that, before the country fills up with Christmas lights, you can enjoy it.