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Siglos de Rocío


For the first time, a documentary film is presented on the history of the popular Pilgrimage of El Rocío, the customs of the people of Almonte and their surroundings.
The documentary begins with photographs, prints and paintings from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. He talks about the "old" dew in black and white, the dew of our parents and grandparents; the roads of El Rocío, the arrival of the brotherhoods in the village with their festivities, the presentation of the brotherhoods from Friday to Saturday, the Mass of the Royal, visits to the Virgin, the Rosary and the Procession, the pilgrimages of the pilgrims during the year, the bicentennial of Rocío Chico -which is always celebrated on August 19-, adorning the town of Almonte for the Coming of the Virgin dressed as a shepherdess -which is celebrated every seven years-; the Virgin on her shoulders through the town of Almonte, the return -to the village- of Pastora; images of the Doñana National Park, the bicentennial of the Brotherhood of Triana, and ends with an ancestral custom in that land: "he takes her out of the mares", who are born and live in the Doñana Park and on June 26 of each year they return to the town of Almonte.
The images in this film are accompanied by indigenous music and cantes -and rocieros- performed by great artists from Andalusia, including Requiebros, Juan Valladares, Raigal, Andrés "El Lepe", Los de Almonte, etc., etc.
A documentary that makes everyone who has lived or not lived this popular celebration very excited and thrilled.