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Joan Chamorro presenta Sant Andreu Reunion Band (feat. Scott Hamilton)


JAZZ TO JAZZ (JJ 23037 02)
The idea behind the Sant Andreu Reunion Band is to create a group in which all the musicians form or have formed part of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band. I always try to give opportunities, beyond the project, to all those who are working well: 1) Either through the collection of cds Joan Chamorro presents, or 2) counting on them, already as professionals, in the different groups I create. I continue to work with musicians who have not been in the orchestra for years and at the same time new musicians are joining, as they grow personally and musically. More than 80 young musicians have already passed through the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, the vast majority of whom are or will become professional musicians. The result is that in each project new soloists appear, new voices that little by little have their own voice. Possibly next year we will see new faces in other groups. For the time being, here we have this new meeting of musicians where, once again, the voice is the protagonist through six singers with very varied styles, and all of them great instrumentalists. Completing the group we have the rest of the band who are great soloists and who, occasionally, also do vocals in some themes.

The arrangements, for the most part, are by Joan Monné. To be able to count on Scott Hamilton in some songs is an honour for us. I hope and wish to continue supporting young musicians through projects like this one.

We continue Sant Andreu Jazz Band 18 years of jazz.