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Society Of The Snow (La Sociedad De La Nieve) (Michael Giacchino)


Quartet Recods and Netflix Music are proud to present Michael Giacchino’s (LOST, THE INCREDIBLES, SUPER 8, JO JO RABBIT, Academy-Award winner for UP!) emotionally and sensitive score for J.A. Bayona’s new film, SOCIETY OF THE SNOW.

The film tells the true story of what happened in 1972 when Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, which had been chartered to fly a rugby team to Chile, crashed in the heart of the Andes. Only 29 of its 45 passengers survived the accident. Trapped in one of the most hostile and inaccessible environments on the planet, they must resort to extreme measures to stay alive.

This is the second time that Michael Giacchino has worked with J.A. Bayona since collaborating on JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM. For SOCIETY OF THE SNOW, the composer took the story and constructed it narratively from the first scene to the last, creating a kind of progression that parallels the progression of the group, creating a highly dramatic and by turns deeply emotional, tragically haunting, and beautifully innocent arc.

Composed for orchestra, percussion and choir, and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, this CD edition comes in a deluxe digipack designed by Mo Shafeek, with a separate booklet featuring liner notes by Bayona.