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Disco guateque


DISCMEDI (DM 5347 02)
The Tiki Phantoms have been listening to music endlessly during their tours and have wanted to record an album with some of their favorite songs. Not only Rock & Roll lives the man and in fact, here you can see the influences so varied and the discs so different they listen to.
All this happened as always by the "Tiki Filter", a mixture of classic Surf, Garage, Rock & Roll, spaghetti western with a devastating rhythmic base, catchy melodies and a live show that everyone remembers for its dose of humor and spectacular power .
The album has been presented on an American tour at the main world reference festivals and with the album released in America by the Hi-Tide Recordings label. We can listen from versions of Wham! (Wake me up before you go-go), including Eddy Grant (Gimme Hope Jo'Anna), Rocio Jurado (Como una hola), The Clash (I fought the law) or Ennio Morricone (Ecstasy of gold) until Tortise ( I set my face to the hillside) and Alaska and Dinarama (Neither you nor anyone else) among others.