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Nobody cares


In their fifth album, the Seville group O Sister! It brings us fully into the new 20s that this decade brings with its own sound within the swing that, far from complacency and an exercise in retro nostalgia, ventures to explore other genres and musical environments, while maintaining its hallmarks : the unique resources of the vocal trio, a jazz stuck to the roots of this style in New Orleans and a transgressive freedom that does take the golden era as a model.

From the Jazz Age they also extract their revolutionary character, like that of those women known as flappers who conquered rights to the rhythm of swing with references such as Joséphine Baker, Louise Brooks or Coco Chanel. The Boswell Sisters also broke molds at that time, to whose extraordinary legacy they dedicate a song (“The Boswell Sisters Song”), and from which they recover their arrangements for “It’s the girl”; a significant vindication of the role of women and the only version of the ten themes that make up this new work.

Among them we find from the homonymous single (“Nobody Cares”) about the speed of the times; to a ragtime (“Alligator Rag”) inspired by how the writer Fernando Mansilla - who died in 2019 - imagined the members of the band as six crocodiles that came from the Mississippi to the Guadalquivir; passing through the Caribbean air of a whole calypso (“Love Song Number 2”) where the oral improvisation of the great Cuban sudden master Maestro Pimienta –a collaborator of artists such as Jorge Drexler or Compay Segundo– shines; the space that goes from the funeral tone to the New Orleans of "Do Not You Agree With Me?" to the contagious and worthy vitality of a “Swing Saved My Life” musical; and the amazing arrangements of “Back To Square One”, including a string quartet and the magic of Chilean Martín Benavides' theremin.

Accompanied by the trio of winds formed by Juli Aymí, Julien Silvand and Carlos Santana, baptized as The Horn Department, in this album the sextet does not seem to mind taking his feet off the swing pot, delivering the most personal album of his career, in which They bare his technique, his creativity and his conception of music. In a world –including the music scene– where immediacy reigns, O Sister! She defends the rhythm at which they have developed their own style in these 11 years of experience: simmering and taking care of every detail, those that give meaning to their music. Like the recording of this album during a week of creative retreat in La Casa Estudio, in a secluded corner of Granada's Valle de Lecrín, by the renowned producer Jordi Gil (Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba, All La Glory, Bronquio, Rocío Márquez, Chencho Fernández).

It seems that today nobody cares (nobody cares) to savor life in a relaxed way. And yet, this album is called to matter to many people; to be, why not, important. Sure it will be for them, the members of O Sister !, and that - sure - will show. Time to time.