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Lo que habita en mí


This year the singer from Andratx presents a new record production formed by this first release. "Lo que habita en mí" is an EP with 4 new songs that is published in an elegant CD format (rectangular format) which includes a booklet with the report "Lo que habita en Bruno" made by photographer Jerónimo Álvarez.
At the same time, a video clip is presented with the theme of his first single with the theme "El eco de la calle" premiered on the Cadena 100 website.
This edition has a luxury team such as the artistic production of Joaquín Calderón (musical director of Vanesa Martín) or the sound engineer Eduardo Ruíz, nominated and winner of several Latin Grammys, and musicians such as Toni Cuenca and Xavi Reija.

Inside the album a QR code gives access to a series of exclusive extra content such as photographs, videos (some with excerpts from the songs in the studio) and follow-up to the report by Jerónimo Álvarez. In addition a version, improvised, of its emblematic subject "Hoy duele" with Bruno and Joaquin Calderón. Other shortcuts are also provided, such as watching the video 'El Eco de la calle' and Bruno Sotos' information on Blau's website.

Songs from the EP: 1. What lives in me 2. The echo of the street. 3. Shameless 4. I need you to kiss me
The four songs that Bruno has composed for this album project the exquisite and upcoming favorite sensibility that his fans love, both in Spain and Latin America. This is how Bruno has been able to live and see it on his tours of Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. In addition to the numerous recitals that it continuously offers throughout the Spanish geography without forgetting Andorra where it has numerous fans.