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La lengua de los pájaros


There are those who assure that music is the language of birds. Itaca Band has been inspired by this statement to title their fifth album, "The language of the birds", which aims to pay homage to music, a discipline that does not understand borders, and the bird as a symbol of freedom. A bird that sings and travels in a group, like musicians.
For this new stage, Itaca Band has surrounded itself with three front-line producers, David Rosell, Genís Trani and Carlos Manzanares, with whom they have signed an album that recovers its forceful and energetic live sound that makes everyone dance, but with a more rock and Latin sound and with electronic elements. So that his followers understand it, "The language of the birds" has the forcefulness of his album "Temerario" and the details of "Explosiva".
The result is twelve huge songs with impeccable sound that are comforted by the serenity that they give off. A serenity typical of those who have lived long and of those who no longer want to demonstrate anything to anyone other than themselves. The traditional formation of the Itaca -Albert Garcia on vocals, Pere Mercader on keyboards, Maria Astallé on trombone, Unai Eizaguirre on guitar, Kel Sangüesa on bass and Jordi Busquets on drums- is known to be ready to face a promising future full of freedom and music. And that's what life is about: taking flight over and over again.