Seed of love



If we had to talk about Spanish blues scene history to embody hard work, art, musical career along the years putting a proper name to the great Blues Queens inheritance on this side of the sea. There would be no doubt Big Mama Montse would be the name. A name that is already a part of genre fans collective memory along twenty nine years of musical career, with an overwhelming educational work, more than twenty released records, countless awards and thousands of miles traveled. There´s no doubt she´s become one of the main references in the national blues scene. If we had to talk about great values in the blues scene who could juggle between artistic production, theatre acting and composition with a solid and restless musical career as guitar player joining, virtuosity, freshness, talent and good taste neither would have any doubt, Tófol Martínez would be the name. Best of both worlds build this common new project called “Seed of love”. A self-produced work recorded at the end of 2016 with the help from two experienced musicians in the Catalan scene, Isaac Coll on bass and Andreu Moreno on percussion. Releasing a song collection that combine orthodoxy as a starting point to end up taking us for a walk through creativity and eclecticism, making clear Big Mama Montse brilliant composition work along Tófol´s fine playing, versatility and good arrangement taste as well. Right from the self-titled “Seed of love” with both remarkable vocals work and great blues lyrics under a Funky styled skin as well as a outstanding guitar arrangements and production to the great Wynona Carr´s “Act Right” cover updated by the band with a inevitable gospel flavor. Big Mama signs “Howling on the ground “half way between powerful shuffle and swing, suggestive “Sex appeal “under a flawless rhythm section playing that could have been signed by The Meters themselves, elaborate slow blues “Tell me Why” with a highlight vocal phrasing and arsonist guitar playing and half beat “No words on the line” just to give way to “Peace to the world” a song covered by many Blues artists such as B.B.King written by Trade Martin. “No more tears” proves Tófol´s fine taste and versatility not only when it´s about playing but arranging this half beat funk as well as the eclectic slow blues “New day Blues” both signed by Big Mama again. Eric Bibbs ‘shuffle “Don´t let nobody drag your spirit down” show us a band basically in love with great songs along with the great “When I die” written by Kermit Ruffins with Tófol Martínez on dobro, an acoustic band and the warmth of Big Mama put end to a record with no more fireworks than the expected from a band with real international projection. If we had to look for a blues record where the present meets experience, and talent meets good musical taste without losing Blues perspectives while taking one step beyond “Seed of Love” would be the title and Big Mama Montse .Band the ones to perform it.

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