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The one eyed giant


Little seems to be known about King Sighter the artist, other than a few record releases and sleeve notes that appear on the back of the original LP cover which state he was a 24 year old who apparently lost his eye in a factory accident. Compared in style to the magnificent DJ artists I Roy and Big Youth, King Sighter's The One Eyed Giant album was originally recorded and released in 1978.
Produced and recorded at Channel One Studios and Randy's in Kingston, Jamaica by Phil Pratt with the Soul Syndicate used as the backing band for the recording, two versions of this album exist.
A Jamaican pressing on Terminal Records with a different track order and cover saw the album titled ‘Master Of All’ by King Sighta. In the same year a UK pressing with slight name change to King Sighter saw the record titled ‘The One Eyed Giant’.
King Sighter was a veteran Jamaican toaster who often dressed up as a pirate or a king as seen on the UK LP cover for his appearances.
The album ‘The One Eyed Giant’ is regarded a long lost classic, mostly due to Phill Pratt's killer production which drew on riddems from tracks like Al Campbells ‘Foot Stool’, Delroy Websters ‘Book Of Love’ and Ken Boothe’s ‘Who Gets Your Love’. The final article is pure magic for fans of DJ reggae.
As it says on the back of the original LP artwork notes …Check Out King Sighter's roots. DEM HEAVY!