DISCMEDI (DM 5323 02)

Music from Spain, Latin America, the jazz standards, French chanson; throughout her career Cristina Vilallonga has collected both sophisticated and popular songs full of meaning, and interpreted these with great flair and freedom. As with her exploration of jazz from 1985 to 1991 in the US, tango has been a deeply emotional discovery. Its combination of sophisticated music, rich orchestration, vital energy and popular expression all proved seductive and a source of inspiration for personal expression. Tango holds a privileged position among the various musical genres influencing her repertoire. In the search for a timeless language of her own, Cristina works with great inventiveness. She was the voice in the electro-tango group, Gotan Project from 2001 to 2010, recording 3 albums and performing on its two World Tours. In 2001 she was awarded the Golden Record at Olympia, Paris for the album, La Revancha del Tango. Cristina Vilallonga sings tango classics with texts by Homero Manzi and Cátulo Castillo, Homero Expósito, Jorge Luis Borges, and music by Astor Piazzolla, Sebastián Piana, Aníbal Troilo and Virgilio Expósito, among others. She also writes songs (lyrics and music) and performs her own style of tango, accompanied by such accomplished musicians as Diego Schissi (arrangements and piano), Victor Villena (bandoneon) and Horacio Fumero (acoustic bass). These collaborations inspired the albums “Somos Sueños” (Discmedi, 2008) and “Luna Borracha” (Discmedi, 2010), each recorded in Buenos Aires. Her first album, “Collares Enredados” (Africapcp, 2001) has a more Spanish sound, while her third album Luna Borracha, is an elegant fusion of tango and jazz, light and sophisticated in tone, with simple-seeming yet well-constructed, poetic lyrics and warm and passionate vocals. As a singer she has also performed live and recorded in studios across Europe with such artists as Gustavo Beytelmann, Victor Villena, Rudi Flores, Gustavo Battaglia, Sergio Gruz, Lluis Vidal, Fleures Noires (tango orchestra), Hyperion Ensemble among others. Now She presents her new album “Nus” in which Cristina Vilallonga, composer, singer and songwriter, sings her own texts and the poetry of authors like Théophile de Viau, Victor Obiols et Blanca LLum Vidal that she has set to music. To this repertoire other songs are added from authors like Chabuca Granda, Diego Schissi and Mili Bermejo. She ?s accompanied at the piano by Albert Bover, one of the most renowned jazz pianists of Spain « pure silk on the keys, seducing in each improvisation ». This duo offers us a personal and poetic universe where jazz standards and other rhythms of the new continent go hand in hand. Texts in French, Spanish, Catalan et Portuguese. Music open to to different influences, music undoubtedly from today which does not ignore.adition

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