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The Mike Maurro Peak-Hour Remixes


East Coast, U.S.A., 2014 and the remix culture elite squad are alive, well and continuing the spirit and heritage first created by Tom Moulton some
34 years ago, when he created the both the remix and then the 12 single in a totally organic act of nature. This is a very private club where the
currency and terms of membership are measured by access to 2” multi-track tapes and, hence, the opportunity to access the full original recording
and remix it. Where these multi-tracks came from and how they fell into the possession of the East Coast elite is a whole other set of stories. Many
of the names in the club are familiar – Tom Moulton aka the godfather, John Morales, Danny Krivit, Paul Simpson, Victor Rosado to name a handful
– all East Coast veterans through and through. It’s a difficult club to join and outsiders don’t get in. But somewhere around 2008 a new name
entered the ring, some guy from Brooklyn called Mike Maurro. First there were 2 state-of-the-art Spinners remixes that got people talking and
then the INCREDIBLE opus that is Ashford & Simpson’s “Tried, Tested and Found True” and suddenly everybody wanted to know this guy from
Brooklyn. What else did he have? Where the hell was he finding these multi-tracks? And the stampede began.
It was always going to be simply a matter of time before Mike Maurro’s work would eventually become available. Who wouldn’t want these remixes?
But easier said than done. It meant explaining to the repertoire owners that, yes, these remixes were from the original multi-tracks and, no, we
don’t know where Mike got ‘em from. A delicate balancing act. In fact, the project has had multiple revisions and taken 2 years to clear.
However, here are 21 state-of-the-art remixes of some of the greatest dance music classics of all-time, all from the original multi-track tapes by
a guy who is just seeped in dance music culture and a fierce collector of multiple formats of the recordings. This collection puts Mike Maurro firmly
in the tradition of the great East Coast remixers and introduces a fresh new sensibility to the art of the classic remix. Welcome to Mike Maurro’s
Peak-Time Remixes – a ‘must have’ package for all serious aficionados of remix culture. Brooklyn rocks the best.