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Gary Crowley’s Indie 90s Playback Classics, Curveballs and Bangers


* An eclectic 3CD selection of 52 indie tracks from the 1990s
* Highlighting chartbusters, hard-to-find extended mixes and other lost nuggets
* Packaged in an A5 size deluxe media book
* Booklet also includes an introduction and track-by-track annotation by
Gary Crowley as well as memories from various tastemakers and artists

Following in the wake of his popular and well-received ‘Punk and New Wave’ and ‘Lost 80s’ compilation box sets, English broadcaster, TV presenter and DJ Gary Crowley is at it again. This time, he takes on the music of the Nineties via ‘Gary Crowley’s Indie 90s Playback – Classics, Curveballs and Bangers’.

Across three CDs themed ‘Classics’, ‘Curveballs’ and ‘Bangers’ are a selection of tunes that capture the eclectic nature of the era. The cross-pollination that seemed to pervade and left a boundary-bustin’ legacy. Expect to find ‘lost’ gems from acts such as The Impossibles, Katydids, Catwalk, Mono and Poppy Factory, chartbusting hits from the likes of Electronic, Gene, Primal Scream and The Sundays as well as extended mixes from Jesus Jones, Manic Street Preachers, Paul Weller and World Of Twist and all the stops in between.

This comprehensive compilation contains Brit Pop, Madchester, Baggy, Shoegazing, Alternative Rock, Trip Hop, Big Beat and various other offshoots of Dance. The list goes on and on. This must-have package is topped off with a comprehensive booklet, where a few of Gary Crowley’s pals share their memories of the songs, the music and the times. Said pals include none other than Paul Weller, Creation Records co-founder Alan McGee, Primal Scream’s Andrew Innes and Saint Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell to name a few!