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"We tend to forget that the wild is not at odds with the elegant. But fortunately we have Eva Ryjlen to remind us. She already did it when she was the female half of that national miracle that was the existence of Idealipsticks. And when we thought that with the dissolution of the Alcarreños that magic would remain in an ashen memory, Ryjlen, already stripped of the responsibility of rock and of the tyranny of English for the national public, resurfaces like a golden phoenix and flies as high as it has always been capable of, with a pop at times dark and sweet, elaborate and luminous at others, but always powerful and suggestive.
Make no mistake, we are not talking about a mere singer of pretty melodies. Eva Ryjlen is an integral artist who in this new stage explores the limits of her enormous talent with all the depth that allows her the freedom to respond only to herself. She is still present her almost feline smell of hers to combine the popular with the elevated, the sensual dance with the psychedelic escapism. Her inspirations are still there: Patti Smith, Lou Reed, The Doors ... And although Spanish can now bring her closer to Cristina Rosenvinge, in Eva there is something more. A personally rich and complex background, the voice of a composer that transcends her influences and fully reaches her maturity.
An author of which, in our country, there is only one per generation. Let us give thanks for having her among us.