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"NOI", the new album by the prestigious guitarist Marco Martínez includes 10 songs composed by himself and recorded in January 2021 at the Meidinerz Jazz Club in Gijón (Asturias, Spain), among which in addition to the omnipresent and majestic phrasing of his guitar, voice and samples we will find Horacio García on double bass and Pier Bruera on drums as the basic trio, in addition to the occasional collaborations of Eladio Díaz on saxophone, César Latorre on piano and Fernando Arias on percussion. Accompanied by an exquisite graphic design by the French-Belgian artist Marie Lavis, a regular contributor to the Montreux Festival, to finish rounding off a work that stands out with a special brilliance in the extensive Errabal Jazz catalog. One of those seemingly anecdotal records, which are born as an appendix or accompaniment to a work of greater caliber and end up generating a new being, an accomplice and at the same time alien to the work that inspired it. Making us doubt even that it was created before and what after. A strange world, alien to time and space, no doubt.
NOI is part of jazz, it has the touch of the most elegant Pat Metheny, but it grows with listening, it merges with the images that feed it and those that it suggests and ends up sounding only Marco Martínez, or whatever else we want to imagine and put into it. by name. A world unto itself. An album forever.