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That day


Koers, are one of the most prominent representatives of the state reggae. Their first album, Unbroken, contained a large collection of songs that positioned them across the country. Koers, in Afrikaans means ‘rhythm’. They couldn’t have chosen a better name. His groove, new wave, dub, pop and rock music mix with his deep-rooted reggae essence and vitalist message. In 2019 they released an EP entitled From the Ashes where Macaco collaborated as a prelude to his long-awaited new album, this "That Day", a new work that will surely be a reference in our country.
An album that takes a step forward in its genuine reggae-pop formula performed by the charismatic singer with a prodigious voice, the Catalan of Nigerian origin Kelly Isaiah. The title 'That Day' refers to a memorable and unforgettable day of the past or future. That Day is enthusiasm, passion, culture, equality and rhythm
With collaborations such as Els Catarres, Lildami and Itaca Band, this album, which was released digitally on April 10 in full confinement, has already been a great success.