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Asier Etxeandia and Enrico Barbaro launch their first musical project: Mastodonte.
The musical project they bring to life comes to revolutionize the music scene as we know it. And its record debut is much more than an album: it is a sensory experience, an explosion of emotions expressed through music.
"Mastodonte" is an emotional journey, like the anatomy of a life, with its different stages, acts that make up his songs, epic and resounding. A conceptual journey through the experience of a human being, from a life before his birth, through childhood, adolescence, the discovery of passion and love, maturity, loss, forgiveness and death and serene acceptance of their mistakes.
The search for how to be yourself to the end, without reservations. A celebration of life, a party where musical styles, from electronics, rock, baroque, intimate, funk, experimental with classical and dance music are mixed to create the ultimate celebration.
Mastodonte is a journey in search of the causes of frustrations and fears that do not allow us to be faithful to our intimate and exclusive way of being.
If in "The Interpreter" Etxeandia talked about what others were doing to the child, Mastodonte talks about what the adult does to himself. "Mastodonte is a concept, it is the imaginary materialization of a huge and heavy being, something that everyone usually carries. Mastodonte is the weight of all the insecurities that do not allow us to reveal to the outside world our peculiar qualities, for the intimate terror in the judgment of others, for fear of not being 'up to par', for the panic that causes us to think that others discover that in the end we are impostors, "they explain themselves, adding:
"Mastodons are also those who manage to break these bonds, revealing and claiming their unique beauty."